The CPDN is the successor to the Canadian International Polar Year Data Assembly Centre Network (IPY DACN). Through development as the IPY DACN, the CPDN is poised to provide the services required to design, build, and maintain proper data management structures for polar data.

The IPY DACN was formed in 2010 to provide data management services and infrastructure for the Canadian IPY program. Six universities and government institutions joined together to design and implement a data management process for the hundreds of Canadian researchers involved in the IPY effort. Over the past two years, CPDN has built a data input portal and a 50 TB data archive with full backup and redundancy, educated dozens of IPY researchers and project data coordinators on the importance of data management and the logistics of data and metadata preparation for the archive, and designed a cloud-based deep archive so that today’s data will be available for the next IPY in 25 or 50 years. Where possible, pre-existing facilities and capabilities have been used to meet the needs of the IPY DACN, such as the Polar Data Catalogue public metadata portal and geospatial search website at the University of Waterloo, the high-speed CANARIE cross-Canada fibre optic network which links our institutions, and the DataCite research data registration service which makes the data more visible to the world.

Since the formal end of the IPY program in Canada, the participating institutions of the DACN have reorganized into the Canadian Polar Data Network, CPDN, to provide long-term archiving and access services to additional Canadian institutions and programs with interests in or connections to polar research data. The CPDN works with the Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment program of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and is engaged in discussions with additional potential partners.